FAVORE which was founded in 1995 by members of the DEMİR family, makes production in the field of evening dresses, deals out in an international module in the EVENING DRESSES sector. The production capacity of Favore consists of 90% evening dresses and 10% special design manufactured products. High performance based on the quality of the production of the company in the first year, caused to become a locally recognized and preferred manufacturer. The company is spread into the world since 1995, it combined its skills on the model design with original creativity, started to prepare collections that meet the expectations of global customers completely.

FAVORE accepted to act as consistent with the expectations of employees and environment, social and ethical rules, accepted as one of the main principles of the activity in the appropriate direction to move, and all the activities are carried out with this awareness. FAVORE respects basic rights and freedoms of employees and provides its employees all the rights that are legally provided.

FAVORE has top level in every field of experience with 21-years-rooted history from production to design, from packaging to shipment for Evening Dresses in of the world. It describes the excellence intellection as “customer deserves the best” philosophy.

The goal of FAVORE is to bring production, design, technology and imagination together in the absolute quality and to be at the top of the world relating Evening Dresses. In line with this philosophy, FAVORE also believes teamwork with the customers. FAVORE benefiting from high technology at every stage of production; is a brand that follows all global trends in the sector from design to fabric.

The company which is showing a rising graphic in the sector since 21 consecutive years, in the sector that the regards and production quality are always developing, protects this stability constantly. It owes this to the collective consciousness strengthening teamwork and professionalism in every stage of production. FAVORE which is carefully identified the needs of the customers, combined their quality with the new fabric and reflected the latest fashion trends, constantly to the collections.